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Namche Barwa Trekking

Namche Barwa Trekking is regarded as the highest snow peak which lies in Linzhe area. It has its own significant role for the formation of Yarlung Tsangpo River, which dominates Namche Barwa valley. Therefore it regarded as the largest valley in the world. Normally the depth of the valley starts with an elevation of 5000m to 5382m. According to the census report the Great Canyon of the Namche Barwa is considered as the largest in the world by both the American Geographic Committee and GuinessBiik of World Records. An entire region of a valley is rich in terms Bio-diversity and flora, fauna which is amazing. The inhabitants of this Valley are Menba and Luoba. Here you will fall in love with nature. Mt. Namche Barwa (7756 m) is located at South-Eastern of Tibet. The successful attempt was made by a joint Chinese-Japanese team on 30 October 1992. It is renowned as the Tsangpo River is originated from this Mt. Namcha Barwa which is considered as the world highest river which reaches till India. A river passes through numerous huge loops and fascinating mountainous landscape.

Normally the trekking starts from Lhasa via Samye and Tsedang; which is close to the Indian border area. The trail follows the route of the Tsangpo river and reaches to the village of Lusha which is located at a big bend in the river. During trekking, interval trail passes through several villages of the Loba people who belong to (a Tibetan minority group), But we follow the route which passes through the forested region of Pei that leads to the Namche Barwa Base Camp. Hence the low elevation of the base camp area (1600 m) offers incredible views of the vertical snow-capped peak of mighty Namche Barwa.

Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd provides a tailor-made itinerary as per trekkers interest and Holiday schedule. We will like to assure you that all the trip goes well. So that you could accomplish your mission to trek around this pristine land.

Namche Barwa Trekking


Day 01
Kathmandu/Chengdu-Lhasa (flight),arrive Lhasa for night,and have a rest in the afternoon

Day 02
Lhasa sightseeing

Day 03
Lhasa sightseeing

Day 04
Drive to Bayi town for night

Day 05
Drive to Pailong for night,camp, preparing for trekking

Day 06
Trek fronPailong town, cross cable bridge,then to Yumei for night in camp or local people house

Day 07
Trek to Zhaqu for night

Day 08
Full day trekking around Zhaqu, YalungZangbo River and Namche Barwa, the deepest canyon of the world, camp for night

Day 09
Trek to Yumei from Zhaqu for night

Day 10
Trek to Pailong and then drive to Bayi for night

Day 11
Drive to Basum (Basu) for night

Day 12
Drive to Lhasa

Day 13
Flight to Chengdu/Kathmandu

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  • Trip profile
    Namche Barwa Trekking
  • Trip Level
    Moderate to Hard
  • Duration
    13 Days /12 Nights
  • Trip Type
  • Best Season
    March - April/ September - October
  • Altitude
    5000 m
  • Transportation
  • Group Size
    1 - 15 pax above
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