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Nepal is known as hidden Shangrila to all travellers who pursue for adventure. Nepal’s unbeatable combination of Natural beauty along with its unique culture and tradition, is adaptable to all. With the immense contrasts in altitudes and climates it support spectacular mix of lifestyles, vegetation types and wildlife. Trekking in Nepal provides you an exhilarating experience where your memory lasts forever.
Nepal has its own history about the Trekking. Nepal is the first country to implement law to organize commercial trekking business from 60s decades. Then gateway to Nepal for foreigner’s visitors were closed until 1951. At the time of unrecognizable trekking in Nepal in 1962 Colonel Jimmy Robert played a vital role to fame Nepal renowned in front of the world. He brought six tourists for trekking in Nepal in the Tourism history. With the presence of unique geographical area and pristine trekking area it has been able to attract the visitors from all over the world. Trekkers can go trekking any time of the year though the popular seasons are spring (Februray – May) and Autumn (September to November).

The 800 mile long Himalayan trail of Nepal is famous for its climbing expedition, pristine trekking routes and thrilling adventure.Due to the presence of unique climates and flora and fauna, holy river, culture, Snow-capped Mountains,forest ridges large number of Europeans and Americans began exploring Nepal since 1950. Therefore trekking in Nepal will help to gain experience about the lifestyle and thrilling adventure where the memories can’t be forgotten in life time. Trekking can be structured for few days and extended to several weeks as per the clients’ requirements and comforts .
Gradings of trekking
Being a mountainous country the elevation of the country ranges from 60 metre above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mount Everest 8848 metre. Nepal is divided into different Climatic condition from Sub-tropical to Alpine. Due to the presence of unique climatic variation the grading of trek are into different category.
Grade A: Soft/Easy Trek
This grade trek is easy. On these days you will reach altitude up to 2000 meters. Approximately we will walk 16 km per day.
Grade B: Moderate/Medium
This is medium grade of trek. The trekkers will reach altitude up to 3000 meters. Normally the walking distance approximately will 12 km per day.
Grade C : Difficult/Strenuous
With the change in altitudinal variations the trekker will have to climb above 3000 meters. On these day walking distance will 8 km per day. This grade is difficult in compare to other.
Grade D : Technical/ Challenging
Being a Mountainous country the challenges are more adventurous and daring. This grade includes different high passes to climb mountain. The trekkers/climbers will reach altitude above 5000 meters and will have to walk normally 4 – 5 km per day

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