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Destinations: Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country in Asia and smallest state located entirely within the midst of Himalaya. It is bordered between China in the north and India in the south. Overwhelming by diverse ecosystem and rich in cultural heritage as well as natural resources, it has been able to attract tourist. Bhutan is blessed with distinct with green valleys, mountain, landscapes and unique Buddhist culture, as well as friendly hospitality of the locals are the major reason that attract tourist. And the tour experience is worth -while to be remember.

Normally trek in the rough terrain of the northern Bhutan is for 12 days. The trek offers spectacular mountain views during the journey. In regards with communication with the locals is more interesting. Bhutan is famous for mountain adventure trekking and hiking. It has numerous sites.

Bhutan Facts
Total Area: 38,394 sq km
Population: 672,425
Capital: Thimphu
Local Time: 6 hours ahead of GMT and 1/2 hour ahead of Indian Standard Time.
State Religion: Mahayana Buddhism
National Tree: Cypress National Bird: Blue Poppy
National Animal: Takin
National Sport: Archery
Official Language: Dzongkha Currency: Ngultrum

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