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Destinations: Tibet

Tibet was an ancient country and beautiful land. It was invaded by the liberation Army of China in 1950. Tibet lies above 4000 meters(13,000 feet) dominate by mountain ranges. It has its own significant importance with blend of a unique culture, history and identity, Tibet has been changed dramatically by the Chinese invasion and occupation. It is homeland for all beliefs in the mind as well as rugged adventure and the spiritual wanderer. Tibet is a land as abstruse as that millions of pilgrims and their religion have been inseparatable. It is also known as the roof of the World. Most of the people follow Buddhism, therefore Buddhism crept is increasing into the Tibetan Culture. The Buddhism was practice since King SongstenGampo married a Nepali princess, who were both integral in the emergence of Buddhism. Tibet is for all minds. According to history, the PotalaPalace was built by the fifth dalai Lama and it has been prevailed until 1951.It’s where dream is realized for people who love the world and are seeking its beauty.

Though travelling seems to be difficult, adventurous is unpredictable. Tibet is considered as meanwhile a shrine for pious people. If you wanna come China has opened the doors for travelers these past few years. Journey to Tibet is not simple but it grants you an experience of a lifetime.

Tibet Facts
Area: 1.2m sq km (471 700 sq miles), Bod: 2.5 million sq. km, approximately the size of Western Europe
Population: 2.62 million
Religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Animism.
Ethnic Groups: primarily ethnic Tibetans; Menba, Lhoba, Mongols, Hui and a growing number of Han Chinese.
Culture: Wedding, Funeral
Languages: Tibetan, Chinese.
Festivals: Tibetan New Year, Shoton Festival, Bathing Festival.. Click to see more Fesitivals celebrated in Tibet.
Currency: Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)

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