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Nepal is officially Federal Democratic country located in South Asia between China in the north and India in the east and west. With an area of 147,181 square kilometers, Nepal is the world’s 93 largest country by Land mass. The country is divided into three main geographical regions: Himalayan region, mid hill region and Terai region.Nepal is renowned as land of 14 eight-thousanders of the world. The Highest point in the country is Mt Everest (8848 m) and lowest point is in the terai plainsKechana Kalan of Jhapa (60 m). Nepal is blessed with its uniquenes geographical variation and culture and traditions. The birth place of Lord Buddha, and country of living Goddess. Although the country is relatively small and, its territory is occupied by 80% of Himalayas. It is a small Country of 125 ethnic groups and 123 spoken languages, among them are Magars, Gurung, Tamangs, Sunwars, Newars, Thakalis, Chepangs and Brahmans and Chhettris. Normally they practise their own religion, Culture and traditions. The history of Nepal has been influenced by its own position of Himalayas and geographical variation due to which it was able to attract foreigners. Nepal was closed to foreigner’s until 1951, which contributed greatly to its mystique in the west. After implementing new rules and regulation it was opened for foreigners. Later on this small country became an exceptionally popular destination for travellers, who were in search of thrilling adventure challenges or Spiritual, enlightment s. People of Nepal famously display their charismatic blend of culture & tradition, friendliness and courtesy through the reputations of Gurkha Soldiers and Sherpa climbers in particular who played a vital role to glorify country’s name in front of the whole world.Nepal is a hidden paradise for those who seek for an adventure and spiritual destination.

Area : 147,181 sq. km
Geography : China in the north and India in the south east & west
Location: Latitude 26 = 12 to 30 27, North longitude 80 4 to 88 12’ East
Capital : Kathmandu
Population : 28 million
Ethnic groups : 113 groups and 122 spoken languages.
Climate : Sub-tropical in low lands to arctic in higher altitude
Government : Republic of Nepal
Four major seasons
-Winter: December – February
-Spring: March – May
-Summer: June – August
-Autumn: September – November

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