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Festivals in Nepal are proved to be indispensable for Nepalese people. Often the festivals are celebrated all over Nepal as per the religion following Lunar Calendar, festival dates vary annually. Festivals unites people with tremendous local participation. It offers visitors to experience valuable opportunity with every aspects that enhance faith of Nepalese culture. All the visitors who arrive in Nepal, be pretty sure that you travel at the right time for more special events. The major and interesting festivals are presented below.

New Year or Nawa Barsa(April)

Nepali New Year usually fall on the first day of Baisakh second week of (April 13 or 14). On this day it is observed as a national holiday. People celebrate this festival  with tremendous local participation. Culminating on this occasion, Bisket Jatra is celebrated with the most colourful event.


Buddha Jayanti(April)

It is regarded as a auspicious occasion Buddha’s birth.  This day falls on the full moon of the Baisakh. Buddha Jayanti  is celebrated to commemorate the birth, enlightment and death of Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhism, more than 2500 years ago.

Janai Purnima(July-Aug)

The  annual changing of sacred thread which is known as janai in nepali word. It is worn by high caste Hindu men usually it take place at holy bathing sites all over the country on full-moon day of Saaun. Numerous mass of people move to Gosaikunda, a holy lake high in the mountains north of Kathmandu. Priests tie strings and bestow tikas, different of hill shamans perform sacred dances. Normally this festival is held on SAAUN(JULY-AUG).

Gaai  Jaatra – Cow festival(July-Aug)

It is the gates of judgement day where, the god of deaths Yamraj allows departed Soul to enter abode. This day falls on full-moon day. It is a occasion for families to honour loved ones who have passed away in the past year. On this day young boys/girls are dress up in fanciful cow  or sadhus costumes. Dancing, comedy show are held on this day which is capable to be measure highlights.

Krishna Astami(Aug-Sept)

It  is annual hindu festival which marks the birthday of Lord Krishna. On this day vigils are also held the night before, worshippers decorate statues of Lord Krishna. They carry ornate along with thousands of devotees flock and bands of musicians on the cities of Patan.



Indra Jatra(Aug-Sept)

Indra Jatra is an occasion to give thanks to the god for bringing the monsoon rains. It is a colourful festivals which lasts for eight days. Chariot processions and masked dance is perform on the main streets of Kathmandu to honour Lord Indra, King of heaven.


Dashain or Durga Puja(Sep – Oct) 

Dashain festival is the longest and greatest enthusiastically celebrated by members of almost all religious and ethnic groups. On this day devotees congregate at local goddess temples. This day is remark as auspicious day to commemorate Durga’s slaying of the demon Mahisasur. So bijaya dashami, the Victorious Tenth Day is celebrated as main day by putting tika from elders and get blessings from them. Each and every individual house set up shrines to celebrate this festival.

Tihar (Deepawali, Oct-Nov)
It is known as the “Festival of Lights”which last for five days. On this each and every individual houses are illuminated at night by worshipping the godess Laxmi which is remarked as a good fortune. This festival is celebrated with joyfulness and prosperity through-out the year. On the fifth day of Tihar, Bhai Tika is offer by sister to their brothers by blessing their younger brothers and giving them flower garlands, tika and sweetmeats.

Lhosar (Feb)
The festival observed by the Sherpa community. On this occasion community organize folks songs and dances. It can be seen in Khumbu, Helambu and northern regions of Nepal.

Maha Shivaratri (Feb-Mar)
Maha Shivaratri is celebrated annually to honour the god Shiva. It is a major festival of Hindusim which marks “The Great Night of Shiva”. A great religious fair takes place in the Pashupatinath Temple remembering Shiva and chanting prayers and meditating on ethics. It is ancient hindus festival whose origin date is unknown.

Ghodejatra (Mar-Apr)
The festival of horses. It is mark as one of the most exciting festivals of Kathmandu. Several kinds of Horse race and other sports are held on this day at Tundikhel.


Teej (August- September)
It is a Hindu festival which is celebrated by women. On this day various dancing, folk songs are performed by women’s by wearing red sarees. It is the occasion which is highly dedicated to goddess parvati, who won the hand of Lord Shiva after severe meditation and fasting.


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